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Primary Services

Wetland Reconnaissance - Review of existing information and site visit to determine if wetland conditions exist on a site. Good tool for early site planning and decision-making. Generally quick and cost effective.

Wetland Delineation/Jurisdictional Determination - Identify wetland boundaries and limits of jurisdiction of “waters of the United States” and/or “isolated wetlands”, according to the procedures of the US Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual. Includes GPS mapping of any wetland boundaries and report to agencies requesting jurisdictional concurrence

Site Design Coordination - Consultations with planners/engineers during site layout/design phases to avoid or minimize wetland permit requirements.

Section 404/401 Permitting - Prepare permit application documents for US Army Corps of Engineers and Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Coordinate with agencies during permit review.

Mitigation Planning - Development of compensatory wetland or stream mitigation plans for submittal with permit applications.

Mitigation Development – On-site consultation/coordination during mitigation site construction and planting.

Mitigation Monitoring - Conduct annual monitoring and maintenance of mitigation sites as required by permits.

Other Services

USDA (Swampbuster) Wetland Determinations and Appeals

Natural Area/Habitat Restoration

Erosion Control Consultation

Watershed Management Planning

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